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CAP2013 Campaign in the Dutch press

Trouw | De jonge boer is zo slecht nog niet | 12-10-2011 | Joris Lohman & Samuel Levie
Rough translation: The young farmer is not that bad at all
PDF pt. 1: cms_files/YFM%20in%20Trouw%2012-10-2011%20(deel%201).pdf
PDF pt. 2: cms_files/YFM%20in%20Trouw%2012-10-2011%20(deel%202).pdf

NRCNext | Europa: De hoofdsponsor van vet en suiker | 13-5-2011 | Samuel Levie & Joris Lohman
Rough translation: Europe: the main sponsor of fat and sugar
PDF: cms_files/Artikel%20NRC%2013-05-2011.pdf

De Pers | Tekenen voor clean en fair voedsel | 24-5-2011
Rough translation: Sign for clean and fair food

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