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Hollywood Price for Greece Videoblog on CAP

Hollywood Price for Greece Videoblog on CAP

The video blog ‘Farming on Crisis?’ has been awarded best short documentary at the second annual Arclight Cinemas documentary festival in Hollywood!

During the week of 5-8 november ‘Farming on Crisis’ was screened together with 20 other short docs and proved to be the winner. Congratulations Pavlos Georgiadis and everyone else who contributed to the series. A great achievement and another distinction for Foodpolitics, CAP2013 and Greek farmers!

The Greek videoblog is a sequal of the Dutch videoblog series 'The future of our Food' that was launced at the end of 2011 in cooperation with the young farmers association 'NAJK (the Dutch partner of CEJA). Both projects investigate how the future of our agriculture looks like in a changing economic world and the influence of CAP.

The Greek documentary maker makes part of the Slow Food Young Network and active on foodpoliticsEU and CAP2013.


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