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Big Debate on Agriculture @Food Film Festival

Big Debate on Agriculture @Food Film Festival

Saturday the 17th of March the Big Debate on Agriculture will be hosted on the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam at Studio/K. Young consumers, young farmers, experts and politicians will talk abouth the future of our food system in Europe. Your voice is essential! The debate will be in Dutch.

It is 2012 - fifty years ago the Common Agricultural Policy was implemented. This was and is a very influential policy, doing lot's of good, but unfortunately it also had a lot of bad consequences. 2012 is also the year in which Europe will revise this policy - a great chance at a great leap forward in the fight for a more sustainable food system.

The debate on the future of agriculture at the Food Film Festival will be held in Dutch, as most of the participants are Dutch. However, it is free of charge and a good place to learn more about the Youth Food Movements campaign on the matter. See for more information on the festival.

Location: Studio/K in Amsterdam
Time: 16.00 - 18.00
Price: Free of charge (so be on time)
Language: Dutch


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