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Slow Food Youth Network: International Conference

Slow Food Youth Network: International Conference

Terra Madre Day! This year Amsterdam is hosting the Slow Food Youth Network Conference. During the weekend of December 9,10 & 11 Slow Food International will support the youth network to expand and become more integrated.

The most important goal of the weekend is to take individual groups out from their relative isolation and to help them to start working together on the creation of the European Network. The conference aims to establish a viable and lively international network of individual Slow Food Youth groups. These teams will communicate on a regular basis, exchange ideas and help each other to build events and campaigns. Furthermore, the event will also promote the expansion of the network with new groups andnew members!

Alongside many knowledge-building workshops (e.g.: fundraising, campaiging, public speaking), there will be an introduction to the CAP2013 campaign: the first of the common campaigns of the Slow Food Youth Network. Furthermore during the same weekend, on the Terra Madre Day is a public event dedicated to CAP, organised by the the Dutch YFM.

Short introductions from the participants:


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