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Dialogue: Bridging the gap between city and countryside

The YFM_NL created a videoblog series 'The Future of Our Food' on the reforms of the CAP.  The videoblog project was co-organised with the Dutch young farmers association (Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt, NAJK) .A young city boy goes on tour at several young farmers and discusses issues such as food safety, animal welfare, young farmers, food security and public services. Questions asked: "How do the grow their food, what has the CAP to do with it, how do they see their future?" The video blog series are used to stimulate dialogue to bridging the gap between the city and countryside. Please click here to watch the videoblog series.



Videoblog on CAP | Trailer from Youth Food Movement on Vimeo.

In light of the Dutch videoblog series, the Greek representation of SFYN soon followed with the videoblog series 'Farming on Crisis'. They recently won the Arc Light documentary price for best short documentary in Hollywood!

International Dialogue Foodpolitics.EU

Soon after these initiatives, the online webcampaign FoodPoliticsEU was launched.
FoodPoliticsEU aims to facilitate a public debate with a European dimension, to contribute to this new vision on the future of our food. FoodPoliticsEU connects online and offline stakeholders and communities. In the fall the results of the on- and offline debate will be the starting point for an International Conference.

 In the (near) future, SFYN will organise a major public event about ‘CAP in the City’. This will also be the first international SFYN meeting concerning the CAP project, where the best practices of the CAP 2013 campaign are to be disseminated and shared, in order to install the campaign on a widespread European basis. New information will be made available on this website.

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