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Blog: We marched for Good Food!

Blog: We marched for Good Food!

On September 19th the Good Food March arrived in Brussels, and ofcourse the Youth Food Movement (YFM) was there!

Good Food March & Brunch

On September 19th the Good Food March arrived in Brussels, and ofcourse the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) was there! Around 11 in the morning the YFM delegates joined the march, by then well on its way towards the building of the European Commission, together with farmers, citizens, young people and over a 100 organizations from 19 countries who journeyed from all over Europe to Brussels to have their voice heard: "What do we want? Good Food!”.

During the Good Food March, Joris Lohman, chair of Youth Food Movement Netherlands, was interviewed by the Dutch News radio:

Listen to the radio here.

After having made a round trough the ‘EU district’ of Brussels, walking past the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, and the Commitee of Regions, the march halted in front of the European Parliament. Here a Good Food brunch was waiting for the participants and ARC2020 hosted a program with workshops, speakers, and testimonials from the march.


For the Slow Food Youth Network the most important part of the day was the Slow food and ARC2020 conference, ‘CAP Reform 2020 – an opportunity for European democracy’, taking place in the building of the European Parliament. This conference provided the opportunity for an open exchange of views between civil society, that called for a more democratic, fairer, and greener Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and political representatives.

After a welcome of Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, and two keynote speeches by Dacian Colos – Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development – and Egly Pantelaki – permanent secretary of the Cyprus Ministery of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment – and a video message from Olivier de Schutter – United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food- it was time for civil society to voice it’s key demands and provide concrete proposals. During this session, in which requests were done to reform the CAP to ensure fair farm prices, environmentally sustainable farm practices, healthy food, and a sound development of rural regions, our ‘founding father’ Samuel Levie had the opportunity to present the vision of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) on the future of Europe’s food and agriculture policy.

In his speech Samuel expressed the wish that young people should be included in the discussion on the CAP and explained why the youths voice should be heard. Having explained his personal drive Samuel continued to explain what SFYN is: "a network of many young people from all over the world, from France to Brasil, and from all disciplines, from farmers, to scientists and policy makers”. He continued: "for four years we (the YFM) have been mobilizing people”. "We want to shape our own future (..) we vote everytime we eat”. The final message of Samuel can be summarized as: Dignity, Respect, and Diversity. In order to let the environment recover from 50 years of agriculture we need to take an interdisciplinary approach that steps outside paradigms; this requires, respect for all parties involved, dignity for farmers, and diversity in our approaches.

Check video of conference here.

Our SFYN delegates during the conference.


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