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What is the campaign about?

The lobby campaign CAP 2013: Food for Change is launched within the context of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reforms in 2013. Since these reforms will determine the future of our food, SFYN wants to involve Europe’s youth in the public and political discussion on the future of our global food system.

The main objective of the project is to form a young people’s lobby delegation to go to Brussels in 2012. We want to present our vision for a good, clean and fair European food system for the coming decades, and the system’s impact on food distribution on a global scale. Our vision will be presented as a guideline for the reforms of the CAP in 2013. Sustainability should be the core value of the new policy.

Multilateral Memorandum
The CAP 2013 project comprises three tracks to work towards this objective: collecting and sharing knowledge about the global food system and the CAP, consolidating public support for a Universal Declaration of sustainable food and organising events to define the direction for a good, clean and fair global food system in general, and a new CAP in particular. Here, SFYN aims at the endorsement of a multilateral Memorandum of Understanding for a sustainable CAP between the core actors in the European food politics, food business and food research environment.

The start
The kick off of the campaign took place on Saturday 14th of May 2011 in the presence of Slow Food’s president Mr. Carlo Petrini. YFM NL organised an eat-in at Restaurant As in Amsterdam, where more than 100 people gathered and ate together, while listening to a lecture of Prof. Jaap Seidell (Food & Health, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) about the implications the CAP has and might have for the health of European citizens. Play the video below to see the how the campaign started. Where will you start?

Kick-off CAP 2013: Food for Change Campaign from Youth Food Movement on Vimeo.

Slow Food gratefully acknowledges co-funding support from the European Commission. All content and opinions expressed on this page are solely those of Slow Food.